AVM releases latest 7390 firmware with fixed support for 10 Mbit/s NICs because my C64 couldn’t communicate.

  Recently, AVM released the final of the newest firmware (FRITZ!OS 06.23) of the Fritzbox 7390 with some fixes I have requested a year ago. I am transferring C64 D64 disk images via WarpCopy64 between my C64 and my PC.I have noticed that in contrast to Netgear routers, AVM routers do not support Crosslink cable detection and […]

Upgrade of my HP Compaq 6910p laptop

 Finally the Upgrade of my HP Compaq 6910p laptop is completed.  Complete refurbishment/upgrade performed over the last months: -new battery pack-secondary battery pack installed.-Belgian French keyboard replaced with German keyboard.-exchanged the 2GB RAM with 8 GB RAM (2x4GB)-tossed out 160 GB HDD and replaced with Samsung 250 GB SSD (latest firmware applied).-replaced 65w PSU with […]

Troubleshooting bluescreen issues by USB driver comflicts of Thrustmaster TH8RS and ASUS M5A78L/USB3 in Windows 8.1 x64 Update 1

 It isn’t easy to face bluescreen issues in Windows 8.1, but sometimes it still happens if you happen to come across a bad driver/outdated driver and driver conflicts. So, after buying the Gear Shifter, I faced hourly bluescreens. The trained eye may notice that the Thrustmaster Support Download Site for the TH8RS only mentions Windows […]