I Love Notepad Badly!

  -“Oh ok, Nafcom loves notepad, but why?” Because it doesn’t need an internet connection running -“Oh yeah?!” Yeah!!! Trend researchers say, that in 5-10 years, over 90% of the world’s population will have an internet access and that receiving emails and checking your email inbox each morning will be as common as doing that […]

Chris Huelsbeck in the Film Museum of Frankfurt Germany, “an evening with” … project by Scene World and Olymptronica

 If you are into tech and geekeness like myself I would strongly suggest keeping an eye on my Scene World Project (Wikipedia link) it is a C64 dismag and a medial journalistic hobby project that I am running with some friends of the C64 scene since 2001. Last Wednesday, we have had in our first show famous […]

Fixing Nvidia driver issues with GTA V on PC (Windows 8.1. X64 and NVIDIA GTX 750 and NVIDIA Quadro NSV 290)

 So, are you among those guys and gals who bought GTA 5 for your PC recently and it’s keeping crashing on the latest officially optimized nvidia drivers for GTA V. Just a standard “a problem has occured and the program has to close”. Why people, why? The driver before driver v. 350.12 work fine on the  GTX 750 […]