David Sifry’s latest project: OffBeat Guides.

Have been speaking to David Sifry recently and he told me about his latest project:

OffBeat Guides.

As followers of David already know: Many things he starts turn into an indescribably success, best example is the blog sphere directory Technorati, also he took my critics regarding the customer support and the stability of the service pretty well.

Anyway, let’s look at the city guide. In comparison to the others around, it’s pretty slick and simple. And it’s far from complete. But there are some surprising entries, like a pretty detailed entry about Kabul while the entry of Luanda makes it look like it has nothing to offer. Maybe it was better if they made it the way that it’s marked as a stub until it’s completely completely.

The guide is good in finding details about huge, big and semi-small cities. If you however search for small cities or villages, you will get zero results and no way of adding it on your own.

Now the question is how does the project cover its costs? Simple: It allows you to make travel routes and then it supplies you the info as guide journals to be printed and sent to you, however I never tried this possibility.

In summary, we can say OffBeat Guides has potential to get big and has surprisingly good information even about places that are not your first travel destinations!

It’s seriously worth to check it out.

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