another product review: Edge-Core WM4201 Wi-Fi Skype phone

The interesting thing about Skype wi-fi phones is, that they are more or less the same. The hardware and software just gets a bit modified, but the general attributes are the same..
However the differences that are there are very important to point out. I am speaking here about firmware quality, firware updates, customer support, keypad quality, headset jack, runnning time, voice quality, echos while calls, display quality. Support of charging cradles, manual, etc.

However this review about the Edge-Core WM4201 Wi-Fi Skype phone doesn’t tell any of those major differences to us. Even Ike’s review is way better.

It eventually appears that the phone is broken, maybe she should have gotten a replacement and completing the review. Anyway, seems it’s good enough for are very weird anyway! When I asked them whether they are interested in a link exchange they said that Skype does not do link exchanges. Oh yeah? So, why do I read then on the same page this?:

They even wrote it in bold! 🙂

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