New motherboard dies slowly!

I proudly present my newest addition to the List Of Weird hardware errors!:

the board is dead, it died on October, 4th. I would switch the pc on
and the board would freeze after cpu detection. it did that also straight after
I have out the pc together, but pressing on all componnents fixed it once in a
while. also FDD wouldn’t be detected once in a while. But yesterday, pressing
all componnents no longer helped, the board won’t do anything but work. I have
spoken to a PC technican of the mail trader, they said it sounds very much like
the board was damaged right from the beginning and (that is also my opinion),
that the non-working front USB is a first sign of a slowly diying motherboard.

They also said, that they know from own experience that flashing MSI boards is
troublesome and that the bootdisks from LiveUpdate mave missing files, also
happened quite often.

Also, they meant that the replacement board will most probably carry a more
recent BIOS version, but it’s impossible for them to perform wishes like doing
BIOS updates before sending out hardware to their costumers.

Also quoting the manual and quoating the technican, this board features not the
diagnostic LEDs. However in contrast to the manual which states., that the
hispeed usb 2 bracket shipped with the board has 1 connector and no LED (there
is a picture of it in the manaul), the bracket shipped with the board _has LEDs
and 2 connectors_!

My replacement board will be here after 2-4 weeks.

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